Garden Windows in Kalamazoo, Grand Rapids and Battle Creek

Open Your View to Nature’s Wonders in West Michigan

Replacement garden windows open any room up to the beautiful West Michigan outdoors. The wide expanse of glass allows any room to be filled with natural light and the beauty of the outdoor scenery. Most often used in a kitchen setting, these windows are a great architectural accent to any room, especially a bathroom or family area.

These Mezzo windows include:

  • Low-e/Argon
  • Energy Star Glass Option Available
  • Welded Frame and Sash
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

Why Choose BlackBerry?

When you consider replacing a garden window the quality of the construction is the most important factor. Our Alside vinyl garden windows are fully welded construction with tubular aluminum reinforcement at all stress points to insure no sagging or structural failure. We can install the replacement unit in the existing opening of an original window, or BlackBerry’s factory certified installers will create a new window opening including wall framing, structural header, drywall finish, and interior/exterior trim.

Our garden windows include:

  • Fully Insulated All Weather Vinyl Construction
  • Insulated Head and Seat Board
  • Wood or Laminated Interior Seat Board
  • Glass Shelving for Plants and Flowers
  • Venting Side Lights and Screens for Full Ventilation

At BlackBerry, we have over 30 years of installation experience. Garden windows have been one of our specialties that every customer loves for years to come!

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