Window Restoration

BlackBerry provides full window restoration for Wood, Steel, and Aluminum window systems in Michigan, Ohio and the entire midwest. On historical projects as well as state and federal tax credit projects; BlackBerry follows the suggested guidelines of the National Park Service in the review, evaluation, and execution of all work during the implementation of our services. Our goal is to preserve and maintain the original material, profile, and dimension of all window components. Once the decision has been made for window restoration, the process is very similar for all of the three material window types:

  • Survey and determine the specific concerns and requirements per opening.
  • Protect and stabilize all window components and material.
  • Remove and catalog all components that will be shop restored.
  • Field and/or shop abate and remove all hazardous materials.
  • Strip and/or clean all material surfaces down to the original material.
  • Repair, epoxy patch and replace all components as required.
  • Refinish all material including painting, stain and varnish, or patina as required.
  • Repair and re-glaze all sash and glass as required.
  • Replace or refurbish all hardware for continued operation.
  • Complete installation of all shop restored components in master frame assemblies.
  • Inspect the final product.

The completion of the work is reviewed and approved by the Owner’s representative for compliance with the project specifications. BlackBerry provides the project with warranty assurance for all workmanship and material provided on the job. Our goal is to provide long-lasting, energy-efficient restoration windows that preserve the original historic integrity of the building and design.