Fort Industry Square

Wood Window Replication

Historical Background

Fort Industry Square is a row of commercial buildings in downtown Toledo, on Summit Street. Some of these buildings date back to the late Nineteenth/early Twentieth Centuries. It is named after the Fort Industry that existed on this site in the early 1800’s before Ohio was a state. The Fort Industry Block was built by Richard Mott in 1843. It was renovated in 1874 allowing for more commercial space. There are 16 parcels that were built from 1862 thru 1897, the last 2 were built in 1987 in conjunction with the opening of the Seagate Convention Centre. While the architects involved are unknown, the building all follow a Neoclassical design theme. The buildings served as a thriving commerce center in the downtown, including a steam plant to generate electricity, restaurants, jazz club, candy store,  and various offices and retail businesses. The entire block has been on the National Historic Registry since 2003. This most recent project is a Federal and State Historic Tax Credit Project requiring both local, state, and federal approval.

BlackBerry's Role

  • Provided Historic Window Site Review to assist in Federal and State Tax Credit Approval, as well as preliminary design and budget pricing.
  • Historically Replicated 390 wood windows, 8 different design types and numerous configurations of each.
  • Custom dies for replication of exterior trim and casing types, as well as structural mullions and simulated divided muntin configurations.
  • Work scope included removal and disposal, abatement, installation and interior finish.

Current Use

This project is estimated to have cost over $35 million in renovation cost. The building was bought by Karp Associates, a skilled development group specializing in the preservation of historic buildings. The building is a mixed use project with office and retail on the storefront level, and beautiful upscale apartments on the other floors. The finish details have preserved the individual buildings architectural design and intent.

Project Team

  • Owner: Fort Industry Square Manager LLC
  • Architect: Kraemer Design Group
  • Construction Manager: Buildtech LLC
  • Completed 2022

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