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Door Doors and More Entry Doors!

Many times, customers tell us once they replace a window or entry door, within a short time they realize they want the rest replaced. This way they all stand out just as nicely as the newly replaced one. That was the case for Nancy in Kalamazoo, MI when she did a replacement front entrance door.

Nancy fell in “absolute instant love” (as she puts it) with the stain glass window on the replacement entry door that BlackBerry Systems installed.

She shared that when the morning light hits it, it’s like a color show dancing in her front hallway. “I don’t even need a curtain and still have the privacy with being able to look out.” She went on to share that she loves the look of the door when looking from the street up at her house. “It really dresses up the front of my home!”

Soon Nancy started to look at her garage and back entry doors with a bit of a different eye.

She shared that they were both so dark and had no windows that it made her feel closed in when standing in the mudroom. She wanted to have the same lighter feel that the new front door gave off, so she called BlackBerry Systems again. Working with a member of the Design Team allowed her to change up the style of doors and add a window to the back door. With wide eyes she says, “Now I can see my grandchildren in the back yard playing when they come over!” A replacement entry door can do just that! Start by stopping into our showroom at 6477 West KL Avenue in Kalamazoo or shop our online gallery to see the many different styles available to you. Then schedule a member of our Design Team to come and review ideas and desires you have for your home’s update. We will make suggestions, show you material samples, and take some measurements to get an accurate project quote back to you.

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