BlackBerry has a window style for every home!

Whether you are looking for double hung windows, casement windows, sliding windows, bay windows, bow windows, or garden windows, BlackBerry has a solution to meet your needs.

There are 2 factors to consider when choosing a window: window style and window material.

Replacement Window Styles

In Southwest and West Michigan, double-hung windows are most popular, followed by casement windows, awning windows and sliding windows. Or you may have one or more bay window, garden window or bow windows.

All replacement window styles have advantages and disadvantages. If you are thinking of window replacement in Kalamazoo, Grand Rapids or Southwest Michigan please read the information below to help you decide on the best replacement window style for your home or feel free to contact us directly to answer any questions you may have!

Replacement Window Materials

Trying to decide which material is the best choice for your Kalamazoo or Grand Rapids home? While vinyl, wood interior and fiberglass are all excellent choices for replacement window frames, you’ll need to decide what features are most important to you.

• Are you on a very tight budget?

• How concerned are you about energy efficiency?

• How important is the amount of maintenance needed?

Window Material Relative Cost Durability Strength Maintenance
Vinyl $ A B+ A
Wood Interior $$$ B+ A B
Fiberglass $$ A+ A+ A