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A Vinyl Siding Upgrade That Outsmarted The Woodpecker!

Along the outside of Mattawan’s city limits, tucked off the road, with a wooded backdrop, sets the Longjohn home. This home has so much character to it that you can’t miss it. The owner’s Sid and Joan have lived in this home for many years and express how much they adore it. But there was an uninvited guest.

Sid shared that the house had cedar siding that this one woodpecker loved. Sid would call a company to come repair the holes from this woodpecker, and within a short matter of time “that woodpecker would be back at it.” Sid said after a bit he got tired of having the holes constantly repaired and just quit doing it. He shared that one day he and his wife took a good look at their home with so much character and realized it was their home with so many woodpecker holes!

That’s when they decided it was time to get rid of the cedar siding and change over to vinyl siding, that would be non-woodpecker friendly. 

The Longhorns had a few of their home slider doors upgraded by BlackBerry Systems, so they knew exactly who to call for their home’s exterior upgrade. One of BlackBerry’s design team members came out to help Sid and Joan choose from the many options of vinyl siding. They were surprised at the wide selection of colors and textures that were available to select from. While discussing this, Sid said they made the decision that this would be the perfect time to have several of their windows replaced. The windows they had were wood and needed to be painted multiple times over the years. Sid shared that even the choices of window styles and colors were a wide selection to pick from. This was becoming a bigger home improvement project than they started off with, causing the Longjohns to have multiple questions. Sid said that BlackBerry was exceptional during this phase of the project. He would call with questions and soon a member of the design team would be out to double check and answer those questions.

Not too long after deciding on the details of the replacement windows and siding, the project was underway and “finished in no time.” 

When we asked the Longjohns what their favorite part of their project was, Sid said all of it! He went on to say that the new Desert Sand vinyl siding really updated and improved the look of the home’s exterior. The windows no longer need to have time and money spent on repainting them. As an added bonus they’ve noticed the improvement of less heat loss. Sid made a reference that the windows will soon pay for themselves.

But the part that won out over all the benefits they saw, was that there were no longer any Woodpecker holes in their home! Once and for all they outsmarted that bird!

Full back of home Longjohn home in Mattawan

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