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An 82-year-old Kalamazoo Home Gets an Updated Look

This two story 82 year old colonial home has gone through a complete transformation by having several updates done to it. The homeowner, Joan, shared how much she loves her home but knew the “old gal” needed some overdue updates to let her beauty shine again.

To take on this challenge she knew only one business could handle it and have an outcome that would be not only beautiful but quality work that came with warranties. That business was BlackBerry Systems. Joan started with the basics, a replacement roof, storm doors and replacing all the windows. She shared the old windows you had to put up the heavy storm windows in the late fall and remove them in the spring to put in the screens. “Now I have vinyl double hung windows  that tilt in for easy cleaning. The best part is I don’t have to deal with those awkward storm windows.” Joan also noticed a difference in her heating and cooling bill that were significantly less. “In time the savings will pay for the project itself!”

Joan then took another look at her home to see for further updating needs. After considering how many years she spent having her home repainted, she knew the next project was to have the house done in vinyl siding. She shared when trying to figure out what color would suit her home the best, the BlackBerry Design team had great suggestions. She chose blue with white trim and said it totally changed the way her home looks. “Now from the street it really stands out! This is my favorite update to this day, and no more painting!”

We asked Joan if there were any other updates she wished to have done? She said her back deck she would love to have rebuilt into a whole living space that she can use in the spring and summer months. Because of the high level of craftsmanship that was done on her other home improvement projects, she plans to call on BlackBerry again to get the project going.

When asked if she would recommend BlackBerry Systems to her friends and family she simply said, “Yes, without a doubt.” Then went on later to say that the crew was wonderful to work with and be around. They went out of their way to make sure everything was just the way she wanted it. Even if it took extra time.


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