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BlackBerry Provides A Helping Hand To A West Michigan Home!

Mary and her late husband enjoyed buying homes, updating them and ultimately selling them. When they landed on their last find, Mary told her husband that this was going to be it, their forever home….or at least until they got tired of it.  Mary started to give an inside home tour and shared what improvement projects they did together. You could hear her fondness for her husband as she shared the memories, each project having its own tale.

Eventually, we ended outside and that’s where her Blackberry Systems makeover came into place. Mary said she and her husband started to replace the vinyl siding on the house, working on it for 3 years! Due to her husband’s illness, they decided to bring in BlackBerry to get the siding completed.

Since the siding went so well, they decided to “just let them have at the roof.” Mary shared that with her husband being ill and digressing every day it was a big relief and weight off her shoulders to have these bigger projects not only done but done so well and beautifully.

When asked if she would recommend BlackBerry Systems to her friends and family Mary simply said, “YES!” After a moment of thoughtfulness, she said with a nod, “The workers were very dependable. If they said they were going to be here on Tuesday, they were here on Tuesday.” She said she very much enjoyed the contractors.

Looking to give your home a face lift to show off this summer? Now is the time to set those dreams into a plan to ensure they get done in time for you to enjoy!

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Looking to give your home a facelift?

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BlackBerry has been improving homes in Kalamazoo, Grand Rapids and beyond since 1980.

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